Board members meet monthly to monitor the strategic direction of the organization.   Year to date financials are viewed at monthly board meetings to help to further program goals and sustainability.   Non-voting members advise the board and act as liaisons with the agency and with the City and County boards.   Board members are active on agency committees to further the mission of the organization.   They assist in event planning and special projects.  El Comitѐ holds an annual fundraising dinner and the Board and staff are dedicated in continuing this tradition to raise funds to help further El Comité’s mission.   There are three-year terms for board members and two-year limits for officers.  One hundred percent of the board contributes financially to the organization.

The challenges the agency foresees are reductions in funding sources or at the very least, no increase in funding altogether.  As part of the Boards Strategic Planning, board members are increasing their participation in fundraising.   The Board is planning on increasing individual donors as a resource for funding to the agency.   El Comité continues to seek additional funding sources to meet increasing requests for our services.



William R (Bill) Van Dusen Jr. Esq. 1998
Attorney, Own Practice
Tax, Estate Planning, and Business
Longmont, CO 80501

Vice President

John Bigger 9/24/2011
Finish Line, Inc.
Senior Digital Project Manager
Lyons, CO 80540

Rebecca (Becky) Birkelo 3/2018
Longmont, CO  80504

Sarah Levison 12/23/2021
Community Member
Longmont, CO  80501

Camillo Martinez 2016
Owner Skyline Maintenance Services
Longmont, CO 80501

Angel Sanchez 3/2018
Longmont, CO  80501

Community Liaisons
Polly Christensen     
Longmont City Council At Large Member
Longmont, CO  80501

Eric Hulett
Longmont Police Department
Longmont, CO.  80501