About Us


El Comité was founded on August 16, 1980 as a response to the police shooting deaths of two young Latino men in Longmont, Jeffrey Cordova and Juan Luis Garcia. El Comité arose to galvanize the grief, frustration, and outrage of the Latino Community into a powerful, coherent and civil minded call to action to advocate for the rights of Latinos and improve community relations.

The organization is still is rooted in these core values as it continually evolves to provide an array of services addressing the emerging human service and human rights concerns of the rising Latino/Chicano population Boulder County and beyond. During the year, 2,000 clients come to our doors seeking Spanish bi-lingual, bi-cultural walk-in case management. Lifeskills/community education classes and a focus on civic engagement and human rights programming offer the tools to live safely, lawfully and fully engaged as contributing members of their community.

Community outreach

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